Dublin, Ireland
16 - 20 May 2015

Information for Speakers


This webpage is relevant to speakers invited to give a scheduled talk in the main scientific programme for ECE 2015, either as a Plenary Lecturer, Debater, Symposium Session Speaker, Meet the Expert or Oral Communication speaker.

Presentation Guidelines

  • You will be sent a template for the first (title slide) of your talk only, you only need to use this for the first slide.
  • You will be sent a Conflict of Interest Slide that must be included as the second slide of your presentation.
  • Avoid too much content on one slide.
  • Rehearse your presentation to ensure that it is fluid and fits within the allocated time.
  • On the day of your presentation, please locate your session room in due time. Please be at your session room at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the session.
  • Speakers should deliver and view/check their PowerPoint presentations at the Speakers' slide preview room located in Liffey Meeting Room 3 on level 1 in the venue at least 3 hours prior to the start of the respective session.
  • For sessions before 10:00, the PowerPoint presentations should be delivered the previous day.
  • There is not a pre-upload facility, you will be required to bring your slides to the congress centre on USB stick.
  • Speakers are NOT permitted to take PowerPoint presentations directly to the technical assistant in the session rooms.
  • Speakers are not permitted to use their own laptops.
  • Your speaking time will be displayed during your presentation on the timer counter clock. Times will be strictly adhered to by the meeting chair.

ESE's Photography Policy

ESE do not allow delegates to take photographs or film presentations. There will be an official photographer who will do this. If you see anyone taking photographs or filming your talk, you are encouraged to stop them. The chairpersons who will be present during your talk have also been given this instruction.


Invited speaker accommodation (not available for Oral Communication speakers or chairpersons) will be booked by the organisers and you will be given further details. Your accommodation should be selected via the registration page.

Travel Entitlements

ECE 2015 will reimburse reasonable travel expenses (not available for Oral Communication speakers or chairpersons) for economy travel up to €450 for European Travel and €1250 for travel outside of Europe for invited speakers.  Expense claims must be completed with 3 weeks of the meeting and sent to the congress secretariat.


If you need to cancel your attendance at ECE 2015 for any reason, please contact the congress secretariat directly by telephone and in writing no later than Friday 11th April 2014. It is appropriate to offer a recommendation for replacement for consideration by the congress POC chair and cancellations should be avoided at all costs.

If you need to cancel your attendance at the congress after the 10 April 2015, and this cannot be avoided, please contact the secretariat directly by telephone.