Dublin, Ireland
16 - 20 May 2015

Abstracts and Posters


The abstract deadline for ECE 2015 has now closed (2 February 2015).

All submitting authors have now been notified of the abstract results.


  • All accepted abstracts will be published online in Endocrine Abstracts. When you reach the final step of the submission process you will also be asked to acknowledge that in submitting your abstract to the congress, you will assign copyright for its publication in Endocrine Abstracts, in all of its formats, to Bioscientifica Ltd.    
  • Please note all abstracts will be published as submitted. No changes including author names will be able to be made once the edition of Endocrine Abstracts is published.
  • No abstracts can be withdrawn after 23 February 2015.


Presentation at ECE 2015

Abstracts will be accepted for either Oral Communications, printed poster or ePoster only.

ALL presenting authors must register prior to the meeting (1 author per abstract/group), abstracts will automatically be withdrawn.

Oral Communications

  • Each Oral Communication session will last for 1 hour (with 5 talks presented within the hour).
  • Presentations should be no more than 12 minutes which includes time for questions.
  • Please refer to the online scientifice programme for timings.
  • Presentations slides should be uploaded at the Speaker Preview Room by no later than 2 hours before the start of the session.

Guided Posters

Guided Poster tours

  • There will be 30 Guided Poster tours taking place across Sunday 17 May, Monday 18 May and Tuesday 19 May, between 12:00 – 13:00 in the exhibition and poster hall at the congress centre (10 per day). The schedule for the Guided Poster tours can be found by downloading the pdf document on the right.
  • Thes are printed posters that will be avaible to view throughout the entire congress in the poster, catering and exhibition hall.
  • The poster and exhibition hall is not open until the first coffee break on Sunday 17 May - you will NOT be able to hang/display your poster before this time. All posters must be removed by the last coffee break on Tuesday 19 May.
  • In addition all accepted Guided Posters will be invited to upload an ePoster that will be displayed by category/topic in the foyer areas of the congress centre throughout the duration of the congress. PLEase follow the isntructions below for ePosters.
  • All Guided Posters must be printed PORTRAIT. Poster boards will be 1m wide by 2m high. Fixing materials will be provided.
  • Please note that printed Guided Posters cannot be displayed until the first refreshment break on Sunday 17 May and removed by the last refreshment break on Tuesday 19 May.

Guided Poster numbering

GP (Guided Poster)

XX (Guided Poster session/tour number – you will be able to identify the date of your session by using this session number and viewing the schedule on the dowloadable pdf document)

XX (Individual poster number, relating to your specific poster – this is also the order of the tour, however chairpersons have the discretion to view posters in a different order)

Guided Poster tour schedule and chairpersons

Guided Posters: Sunday 17 May 2015, 12:00 - 13:00, exhibtion hall (The Forum)
GP-01 Adrenal Stephanie Hahner (Germany) & Richard Ross (UK)
GP-04 Steroids, development and paediatric endocrinology Gareth Lavery (UK) & Aneta Gawlik (Poland)
GP-06 Reproduction - female and PCOS Bulent Yildiz (Turkey) & Ilpo Huhtaniemi (UK/Finland)
GP-09 Nuclear receptors and signal transduction Paolo Giacobini (France) & TBC
GP-12 Diabetes and obesity - Translational diabete Tim O'Brien (Republic of Ireland) & Andre van Beek (Netherlands)
GP-17 Pituitary: neuroendocrinology and central salt regulation Cynthia Andoniadou (UK) & Anna Spada (Italy)
GP-20 Pituitary: hypopituitarism Vera Popovic (Serbia) & Niki Karavitaki (UK
GP-23 Thyroid: diagnosis Paolo Beck-Peccoz (Italy) & Maria Alevizaki (Greece)
GP-26 Thyroid: hypothyroidism Robin Peeters (The Netherlands) & Krish Chatterjee (UK)
GP-28 Endocrine tumours and neoplasia: NETS

Susan Webb (Spain) & Sebastian Neggers (Netherlands)


Guided Posters: Monday 18 May 2015, 12:00 - 13:00, exhibition hal (The Forum)

GP-02 Adrenal Jerome Bertherat (France) & Peter Igaz (Hungary)
GP-05 Steroids, development and paediatric endocrinology Dan Marks (USA) & Nike Stikkelbroeck (Netherlands)
GP-07 Reproduction: female and other Maris Laan (Estonia) & Philippe Touraine (France)
GP-10 Calcium, vitamin D and Bone Martin Blomberg-Jensen (Denmark) & Rachel Crowley (Republic of Ireland)
GP-13 Diabetes and obesity: translational cardiovascular and obesity Dominik Schulte (Germany) & Matthias Betz (Switzerland)
GP-16 Diabetes and obesity: clinical obesity and cardiovascular Francis Finucane (Republic of Ireland) & Elisabeth van Rossum (Netherlands)
GP-18 Pituitary: Basic & IGF-1 Marily Theodoropoulou (Germany) & Justo Castano (Spain)
GP-21 Pituitary: Diagnosis of Cushing's Disease Marija Pfeifer (Slovenia) & Dominque Maiter (Belgium)
GP-24 Thyroid: genetics Krystian Jazdzewski (Poland) & Jens Mittag (Germany)
GP-29 Endocrine tumours & neoplasia: adrenal tumours Tobias Else (USA) & Guillaume Assie (France)


Guided Posters: Tuesday 19 May 2015, 12:00 - 13:00, exhibition hal (The Forum)
GP-03 Adrenal Irina Bancos (USA) & Darko Kastelan (Croatia)
GP-08 Reproduction: male and endocrine disruptors Manuela Simoni (Italy) & TBC
GP-11 Calcium, vitamin D and bone Dolores Shoback (USA) & TBC
GP-14 Diabetes and obesity: clinical diabetes Maria Byrne (Republic of Ireland) & James Gibney (Republic of Ireland)
GP-15 Diabetes and obesity: basic Finbarr O'Harte (Northern Ireland) & Dan Marks (USA)
GP-19 Pituitary: Acromegaly AJ van der Lely (The Netherlands) & Cesar Boguszewski (Brazil)
GP-22 Pituitary – Therapy of Cushing disease Marta Korbonits (UK) & Susan Webb (Spain)
GP-25 Thyroid: nodule Marek Neidziela (Poland) & Georg Brabant (Germany)
GP-27 Thyroid: hyperthyroidism and treatment Simon Pearce (UK) & Jens Mittag (Sweden)
GP-30 Endocrine tumours & neoplasia: general Leonie Young (Republic of Ireland) & Gerhardt Attard (UK)




  • This year our poster sessions will take on a state of the art electronic format. ePosters will be displayed on plasma screens in the main foyer areas of the congress throughout the congress allowing for more interaction with authors and the opportunity for delegates to view posters online during and after the congress.
  • Please note ePoster presenters will not be given a specific time or date to present the ePoster, as they will be availble throughout the congress.
  • Poster submission is now open! Follow the instructions to prepare your poster before submitting.
  • If you have a Guided Poster (e.g. GP-XX-XX), you can also use the Print & Deliver service – collect your poster on-site.
  • Poster submission deadline: WEDNESDAY 6 May 2015 (23:59 GMT)




The deadline for submitting ePosters has now passed. Please contact [email protected]  if you have queries regarding your ePoster

Endocrine Abstracts now live!

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